The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring

The three playable characters in the game are Frodo, Aragorn, and Gandalf; each with their own weapons (which vary throughout the game). Frodo uses 3 melee weapons at different stages in the game: a walking stick at the start of the game, a dagger (from the Barrow Downs) after defeating an Old Barrow-wight, and the short sword Sting, which is given to him by Bilbo. Frodo can also pick up stones and throw them in a ranged attack, as well as utilizing the Ring to give him invisibility. Aragorn uses a broadsword, Andúril, and a bow. Gandalf uses his sword Glamdring and his array of magical spells: Fiery Blast, Staff Strike, Chain Lightning, Heal, and Attract.


There are meters in the game found on the top right and left corners of the screen. For Frodo, the meter at the top left represents health and the top right represents purity. When Frodo wears the One Ring his purity is depleted. Wear it for too long, and a Black Rider will find Frodo. Aragorn only has a health meter. Gandalf has a health meter and a spirit meter in place of a purity meter, which is depleted when casting spells. It is replenished by drinking Miruvor.


There are many items in the game. One of them is mushrooms, commonly found in The Shire. Another is Cram, a bread made by the men of Dale. It can be found in Bree, Weathertop, The Troll Shaws, Orc Dam, Moria, Hollin, and Amon Hen. Lembas is a waybread made by the elves of Lothlórien. It can be found in the same places as Cram. Another item is Miruvor,